Our experienced clinical trial professionals provide 24/7:

  • Packaging/labeling and distribution of clinical trial material
  • Clinical trial material storage
  • Clinical trial material inventory and resupply reports
  • Return drug accountability and destruction
  • Medical supplies (syringes, peak flow meters, etc.)
  • Cost-effective shipment of test materials
  • "Live" 60-second patient randomization
  • Daily & weekly enrollment reports

The Coghlan Group's Lab Specimen Collection and Logistics Services Division provides a wide range of customized services and collection systems for clinical trials:

  • Visit-specific kits and specimen labels or bulk supplies
  • Specimen collection, processing, storage and shipping manual
  • Site training and support
  • Fast kit production and distribution to clinical sites
  • Pre-printed specimen shipping logs, related shipping supplies and courier documents
  • Worldwide logistics for diagnostic specimens and dangerous goods

Learn more about our wholesale pharmaceutical services at www.irxsc.com.